• Image of The Be-Attitudes Embrace of  - Hardcover Book
  • Image of The Be-Attitudes Embrace of  - Hardcover Book

During a moment of internal struggle, Kimberly prayed for an experience of Grace. Her prayer was answered with a visitation from the angels. She shares this special afternoon with you in her new book The Be-Attitudes: Embraced by Grace, so you too can feel the power of Grace.

The Be-Attitudes is NOT an angel book to be quickly read. You are invited to get cozy with your favorite blanket or cup of tea and light your favorite candle.

The Be-Attitudes is a new spiritual tool. Ride waves of peace through Eternity. Feel the warm expansion of love. Break through the complexities of worry and fear with truth. Experience the space and relief of just Being who you are.
In the privacy of your living room, sit with this book and carefully open the pages . . . for you’ll also be simultaneously opening the mystical door to Grace.

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