• Image of Bring the People Back to My Love Rosary - Paperback Book
  • Image of Bring the People Back to My Love Rosary - Paperback Book
  • Image of Bring the People Back to My Love Rosary - Paperback Book

Kimberly became attracted to the traditional rosary and the mysteries of Mother Mary when her Catholic husband was dying. Years later, she and the Angel Ministers sought a devotional practice like the traditional rosary. They felt called to modify this classic practice into a beautiful sequence of both traditional and contemporary prayers so that this Rosary could be suitable for today, both modern and timeless. These prayers are now available to you.

People using this Rosary have described profound experiences of acceptance, forgiveness, and reconciliation with one’s self that lead to a deeper perception of faith. Recite this Rosary to receive healing, forgiveness, faith, courage, guidance, love, oneness, peace and divine assistance.

This Rosary is intentionally designed to be used by Lightworkers, New Thought Christians, and others with diverse spiritual perspectives as well as by those with Catholic roots. This modern Rosary is suitable for anyone:
• Whose faith honors Mother Mary and Jesus
• Who feels a deep connection to Mother Mary and Jesus
• Who seeks a timeless devotional practice into the heart of Divine Love
We recommend use in:
• Your solitary devotional practice
• Small and large spiritual study groups

Join us in this modern recitation. Order your copy, say the prayers and enter with us into this special exploration of Divine Love.

By saying these prayers you are reminded of your eternal being and the eternal bond you share with the Lord. Say this Rosary and afterward, while in prayer and meditation, open your heart to receive a response to your prayers and guidance about your life.

Share this rosary with your loved ones by ordering extras. The first page offers a place for you to “give these precious prayers to …..” and write in your loved one’s name. The dedication goes on to say, “We are not alone. This Rosary is given as a reminder of our eternal bond with God. I am blessed. You are blessed. We are God’s Children of Light. Thanks be to God.”