• Image of My Angel Connection - Paperback Book
  • Image of My Angel Connection - Paperback Book
  • Image of My Angel Connection - Paperback Book

My Angel Connection: The Guidebook to Interactions with Angels

A unique guidebook to deepen your connection with angels by Kimberly Marooney the author of the international bestseller Angel Blessing Cards.

My Angel Connection helps you to access the Divine through study, meditation, contemplation and interactive My Angel Assignments. This book provides a primer on angelology, information to understand the aspects of your angelic connection, and practices to invoke angels and attune with them to deepen your own angelic nature.

The first part of My Angel Connection focuses in on our relationship with angels since the beginning of recorded history. From the different types of angels, you’ll track your Angel Lineage through the Earth Angels who have come before us including Enoch, Moses, Zoroaster, Mother Mary, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Kabbalah and the Essenes in ancient times to Hildegard von Bingen, Saint Francis, and Emanuel Swedenborg connecting us with the living legacies of contemporary angel teachers.

Charts, tables and images help you to grasp this broad overview of angelology as you discover where you fit in. You are an earth angel, too!

A powerful chapter is “Preparing the Way for Oneness” as we learn the inner story of how Jesus brought in the energy of Selfless Love for his 2000 year cycle. Now we are the missiayahs bringing in the energy of Oneness for the Aquarian Age. You’ll learn how.

The second half of the book guides you to Invoke Angels and Recognize Angel Responses. This is the most important part of developing your personal connection with angels.

You’ll learn to how to use angel cards and Divination to recognize the angels who are working with you. We recommend starting with Angel Blessings Cards for your angel readings.

Your Angelology education continues with a journey through contemplating angel references in scripture from a wide array of religions and spiritual teachings.

My Angel Connection has been specially written and designed as an interactive and experiential vessel of light to awaken your inner knowing. This book is for anyone who wishes to connect with the angelic realm.