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Kimberly Marooney gave this Devic Seal Activation workshop live in Columbus, Ohio. Here's your chance to join in with kindred spirits to receive this important Activation with this 54 minute dvd.

At birth, the Devas set the Seal of the Shining Ones upon your heart marking you as their own. You are a child of Light. "Deva" is Sanskrit for "Shining One," referring to the glow of angels and divine beings.

Your Devic Seal is the connecting link between you and The Divine. As your Devic Seal opens, your connection with the Divine becomes clearer, stronger, and more present. You experience more of your true, authentic self.

First, we'll explore this lifeline home. Then Kimberly will activate your Devic Seal so you can claim more of your divine inhteritance of soul qualities and inner resources.

You are the treasure. From this presentation, you will receive a direct experience of Divine Love and the Shining Ones.

Recorded live at the Universal Life Expo in Columbus, Ohio by John Addison for The Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD Series
Time: 53:25