• Image of The Complete 7 Archangel Activation Series - Digital Download
  • Image of The Complete 7 Archangel Activation Series - Digital Download
  • Image of The Complete 7 Archangel Activation Series - Digital Download

The Archangels want to Activate You!

Do you want a deeper connection and understanding with Archangels?

Are you seeking profound transformation and healing experiences?

Do you want to raise your consciousness and spiritual frequency to a higher level of vibration?

Then you are feeling called to the Activations. The Archangels said, "We have come to Activate secret energy centers in your body and Being connecting you more deeply with us."

7 Archangel Activations expand:
* The Flow of Celestial Energy in your physical body
* Your Connection with the Higher Realms
* Your Awareness of Eternal Truth
* Your Healing Abilities

Each 2-hour Activation experience includes the mp3 audio recording that introduces you to a historical perspective of the Archangel, the activation itself, and a meditation to help you have a direct and personal experience with the Archangel.

Follow along with the Power Point Presentation slides. A 19-page guides leads you through the 7 Activations.

The 7 Archangel Activations:
1 - Michael's Divine Heritage, Safety and Trust Activation
2 - Metatron's Ascension Chakra Activation
3 - Jophiel's The Quickening Activation
4 - Gabriel's Soul Star Activation
5 - Raphael's Healers Heart and Hands Activation
6 - Uriel's Benediction of Voice, Hands and Feet Activation
7 - Chamuel's Worthiness and Adoration Activation

In the final meditation, all of the Activations flow together igniting your Light Body. Don't miss it!

The Archangel said,

These Activations are far greater gifts than you yet realize.

They are far more powerful than you can imagine.

They are contributing to the shift in collective consciousness for all humanity.

You, as a participant receiving these Activations, are holding the Presence of this energy here on earth.

You felt called to be a part of these Activations because you were invited.

You are helping with a shift in the collective consciousness for all humanity!

You matter!

Are you feeling invited? Then say yes and order the Activations now.